I am newly single. I had been in a relationship for going on 11 years and married for nearly half our time together. We parted ways mutually after falling into a sexless friendship for the past few months of marriage, and both pushing 30 with no kids, we both desire more from life.

Before marriage I had slept with the grand sum of two men; drunken fumbles and the throws of passion at 17 didn’t necessarily make for the hottest and heaviest of sessions. My husband and I were a little mismatched, I had a higher sex drive, and wanted things he did not want to do to me, or I simply daren’t ask him to.

But I’m single now. Seemingly from 48 hours on Tinder, there are literally dozens of men willing to drop trou from the mere flash of a Lady Danger smile in their direction and a little hot and heavy messaging.

I have no shame in my sexuality; I want to enjoy sex, and a lot of it. However I’m not sure just how much my friends want to hear about it as much as I might want to talk about it, so I thought I would share it online, as apparently that’s what people do now. I have only kept it anonymous to protect those who I may sleep with…. And I’m sure there are some who know me who have absolutely no desire to think of me in this light whatsoever.

I’m not looking for love. Not now. Right now, I’m looking for orgasms.

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