Hello Tinder.

I actually drafted this post way back in October, but have been side tracked with a joyous bout of depression which started in November and only in the middle of January did I begin to feel sane again….. So I’ve Tindered hard since then, but this is where it all began.

I downloaded Tinder. In today’s day and age, it seems the fastest way to get laid, and who has time to go out to bars and scout for single people (who are probably just staring at their phones swiping left or right looking at images of other singletons online anyway).

My friend chose the photos that would make up my “profile”. Ones she thought accurately represented me, but were equally me at my best (read: hottest). I left the description blank. I had no idea what to write. After spending some time on there, it became quickly apparent that most people write the same old shit (love to travel, want a tall man, looking for love…), or some bullshit quote (please).

My age range is 28-55+, I’ve always liked the idea of a much older man. I am still stunned by the sheer amount of single men that are within a 40km radius of where I am at any given moment. To date, I’ve never run out of men to swipe. I have currently matched at over 80 men (it’s been 10 days), I don’t know if that is a lot, or normal. From speaking to people, I gather it’s much easier for girls to match than guys. I think my upper age bracket helps, as perhaps older men will jump at the chance of a fling with a younger woman.

A lot of matches don’t talk. I don’t really understand the point in “playing” if you’re not going to have a conversation with someone. I tend to unmatch them.

I find the array of men you talk to fascinating. Some are truly sweet, probably quite shy and may never approach a woman away from the safety of their smartphone. Others have no shame and want to talk filth no sooner than exchanging pleasantries (or sooner). Then there are those who are anonymous, in open relationships or wanting to find a girl for a threesome, using Tinder to explore their fantasies.

In my plight to really explore my sexuality more I have been speaking to a lot of men. The only difficulty I’ve found is keeping up with whom I’ve said what to. In that vain, I’ve been entirely honest to everyone. I’ll never lie about who I am. Of course I’m careful to stay safe, ultimately everyone is a stranger, so I’m careful who I give my number to, trying to make a judgement on them and I’ve always had more than a quick hello before doing so. I’d never tell anyone where I live (men have told me) and I would always tell someone where I’m going before meeting anyone. I’m sure that’s fairly obvious advice, but you can never be too careful. Catfish is a thing people! And some humans are just plain bad.

I’ve met up with two guys so far…. The first I’ve posted about already, see “My First Time”.

More on the rest to come….

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