Guest Post – Little Leigh

Today I have a guest post from Little Leigh.

How do you identify yourself?

Right now I identify as a submissive cross-dressing sissy who is bi-curious. I love absolutely everything about women. Though I am curious about what it would be like to be with a man. More and more I have actually been thinking about whether I am transgender.  It’s sad to think about, because I don’t know how I could realistically transition without wrecking my life.

What are your fantasies?

Oh there are just too many to count! My main ones lately have involved being transformed into a beautiful girl and truly owned by a Domme (female dominant) in every way possible. At heart I am a true submissive and most of my fantasies are from a submissive perspective. Being dressed up like a girl, teased spanked and then fucked like girl.

When did they begin?

Ever since puberty I’ve been dressing up and fantasizing. I was dressing up in less naughty ways even before that! After readying some erotic stories I found around that time, I started wanting to be a lesbian.

How does it make you feel when you are dominated?

I’ve never been dominated in real life but even through my online interactions with my wonderful Mistress Maya I have loved it! I can just imagine floating away into sub space as all the cares float out of my mind leaving me to focus on the moment trying to please my Dominant.

Have you broached the subject of being dominated with any partners?

No, I’ve never broached the subject with a partner yet. I come from a small town. A previous girlfriend found a pair of my panties and freaked out and a very bad breakup ensued. I haven’t really been in a relationship since then. It’s since put me off opening up to people; I don’t even visit home or high school friends because of that.

How do your sexual persona and your everyday persona interact?

Mostly when I’m home alone and even while I’m not dressed up in girl mode I act rather feminine and do some silly sissy mannerisms. Sometimes I catch myself whilst out in public and about to respond to something in this manner.

Do you feel you are able to be whom you want to?

No I think I actually want to be a girl, but I don’t feel I can be that right now unfortunately. Maybe one day.

Why do you feel unable to be a girl/transition at the moment? 

I feel like I can’t be a girl and transition for of a couple reasons. Firstly, my whole family is very religious and I am 100% sure that not only would they only disown me but they would also feel like they had failed me as a family. They have always been good to me and right now I just don’t have the heart or courage to put them and myself through a transition.  Secondly I just graduated and got a job and I don’t have the courage to risk all my hard work to this point on transitioning.  I really admire those who have transitioned, what they do is never easy and takes so much effort and heart to do.

If you could change the world in terms of sexual/gender tolerance, what would your ambition be?

Mostly just allow everything about sex and gender to be open and not stigmatized to allow for unrepressed personal discovery.

Do you have any fantasies you’re yet to indulge in?

Pretty much everything!

Comment from Mistress Maya:

As Sissy Leigh’s Mistress I have seen her grow and bloom even in the time I have known her. She thinks of others before herself, sometimes at the expense of her own happiness. Sissification is much more than an exciting fetish; it is an escape and currently her only way to explore her true self in a society which is not always welcoming of anything that is deemed “different”. She has more self exploration to do, and I enjoy being her Mistress, owning her, putting her in chastity, telling her what to wear and how, rewarding her when she is a good girl and punishing her when she has been naughty. I specialise in everything sissy because I have a passion for it. I wish my Little Leigh every happiness for her future, but her servitude to me is nowhere near finished, I have set her a humiliation task tonight 😉

Mistress Maya


Thank you to Little Leigh for answering my questions and Mistress Maya for her comment.

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  1. April 14, 2016 / 11:03 pm

    A really interesting read. I know just how he feels.

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