Blast from the past….

Back in December I was scrolling through Tinder when someone popped up that I recognised. A guy I worked with over a decade ago. I use “worked with” loosely as we were simply employed by the same gym. I would make lattes and cappuccinos for ladies after their aqua fit classes whilst sneaking biscuits and he was in the gym, training members how to actually work out.

I was 18 at the time, he was a bit older and at the time a buff cheeky typical lad’s lad. I was enamoured. You know when you’re 18 and you fancy someone so much, that whenever they’re in your presence you lose all ability to actually say words, and make any coherent sense? You’re so busy trying not to combust into flames from the heat that’s penetrating from your groin that all else goes to shit, and any chance of flirting is null and fucking void. At least, that’s how it was for me. Especially when it came to super hot out of my league (and slightly cocky) older guys.

I only worked at the gym for 5 or 6 months. He became the material for many fantasy scenarios when I was furiously masturbating after work. I seem to recall he didn’t leave my wank bank for some time after I left my job, and I remember seeing him in a pub a while after and returning to the sludgy goo of a person at the sheer sight of him.

So, of course when he graced my iPhone with his presence on Tinder, I obviously immediately swiped right, (not before taking a screen shot in order to inform my whatsapp group of friends that HOT GUY FROM THE GYM IS ON TINDER OMG, to which mostly they replied, “you worked at a gym?” – erm NOT the point.)

No match. FFS.

But then, about 6 long weeks later, when I had long given up hope “Congratulations, you have a new match”. Holy fucking shit balls it was him. I reverted to my 18 year old self and was straight on whatsapp to the girls’ “eeehmmmergaadddddd he LIKED ME?!”.

Thank God I did, as I needed a reality check to stop behaving like a teenager, remain calm, and that no, it wasn’t a good idea to remind him that we used to work in the same establishment over a decade ago, because no, I didn’t remember anyone else.

He messaged me (inner squeal). I was convinced it was a wind up. My uncool 18-year-old self was utterly certain he knew it was me and thought it would be a hilarious wind up.

We flirted, exchanged numbers and late one night when I was tucked up for bed he face timed me. I had no makeup on, so was a little horrified. He said he didn’t care and that I still looked, well I can’t remember the exact words, but it was complimentary anyway. We spoke for about 40 minutes, and the next thing I knew I was pulling on my jeans and a see through lace vest and covering my exposed nipples with the nearest coat. I grabbed my toothbrush and drove to his.

When I got in his flat he briefly showed me around, then we kissed. I cannot tell you how surreal it felt; to kiss someone you used to fancy and think about in a sexual way, with whom you had no possibility of ever being able to touch but longing to, was intoxicating.

He pulled my jeans down and told me to get on all fours in the living room. There was still part of me that felt it had to be some sort of wind up.

When he pulled my knickers to the side and ran his tongue over me, I started to think ok he probably did fancy me. He rimmed me, something I’d not had done to me before, the attention he paid to my pussy and ass with his tongue whilst I was on my hands and knees all kinds of amazing.

We’d talked about sex a lot before meeting, so he knew what I liked. After I’d come, he lay me down and fucked my face. The rest of the night is a bit of blur, I think I was in a post climax / couldn’t really believe this was happening haze.

He has a mirrored wardrobe alongside his bed and the next morning, he fucked me in the ass. I remember looking in it whilst he was fucking me and thinking “J is fucking me in the ass!!” the 18 year old in me died with glee.

I’ve seen him 5 or 6 times now. We’re established fuck buddies. I finally told him that we used to work together, despite strong advice not to. He was more concerned about this revelation than I was, in case I thought badly of him (I did say he was a typical “lad”). Obviously I have not mentioned my enormous crush and excessive wanking over him, though I’m sure at this point he’d be flattered.

Have you hooked up with anyone you used to wank over? I want to know!

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