Interview with Mistress Maya

Today I’ve spoken to professional dominatrix Mistress Maya about her work and how she become a domme.

When did you first become a professional dominatrix? 

Because of my huge clientele, level of success, expertise and natural aptitude for this line of work, people expect to me say years, but I started professional domming in Manchester around September/October 2015.

What made you decide to become a professional dominatrix? 

Honestly? Anger. Lots of it. Domming is the ultimate stress relief and anger management tool. I have had many challenges in my life that I got through because of my strength of character, integrity, fiery nature and “no bullshit” attitude. Sometimes in life you just have to say “fuck it” and do what you want, don’t care what anyone else thinks. You can either lay down and admit defeat, or get up, grab life by the wheel and drive it.

Is this your full time job? If not, would you like it to be?

This is my full time job, although I dabble in other things such as dancing and businesses ventures. I’ve been in extremely high demand since I started, which I’ve been told by experts in this field is almost unheard of, to go immediately to uber domme status. That was not even my intention, I was just doing what felt natural. The reason I’ve been able to rise above the bitchiness and gossiping that goes on in the scene and never experienced competition (which apparently fuels the bitching) is that I’ve truly never cared about any of it. I just do what I want when I want; I don’t set out to affect anyone else and am impervious. Life’s too short to be hung up on tiny pathetic things.

Were you naturally a dominatrix in your personal sex life before your professional work? 

My interest in femdom and CFNM (clothed female, naked male) evolved from experience. But I have always been dominant in all aspects of my life, a born leader. From simple things such as being student rep in college, sports leader in school, to being the boss in relationships, my way or the highway because I don’t need anyone or anything for validation. I’m the last person you’d ever be able to bully or intimidate, and I have always stood up for people who are unable to defend themselves. I’m a big advocate of human and animal rights, and it’s having the power to help myself that has always given me the power to help others.

Is your work reflected in any way in personal sex life presently? 

My personal sex life is one of blissful abstinence. I get plenty of offers of course, but I don’t want any man (or woman) to touch me. I get my kicks through releasing aggression and my sadistic urges on those deserving. A sweet vendetta. It always amazes me when people create parallels between dominatrixes and prostitutes, I offer absolutely no intimate or sexual services, and any man who dares try to sexually touch me will be hurt beyond imagining. What a prostitute chooses to do with their body is their choice, and I fully support the right of all women to use their bodies and minds in whatever way they choose to, but being stereotyped or misjudged within the dominatrix profession is an annoyance of mine. I see my line of work as the exact opposite, not only am I not selling my body, I’m selling the valid promise that no one can ever have me. My very presence emanates the vibe that I’m the most unattainable woman on the planet. But that’s one of the things that keeps my lusty slaves crawling back for more, always wanting that forbidden fruit, basking in the scent of it but never able to take a bite. So close and yet so far away.

Are you naturally a confident woman or do you take on a character whilst in your role as dominatrix? 

Mistress Maya is entirely Me, there is absolutely no acting or character, instead a sweet release of things that may not be deemed socially acceptable. This is why I’m so popular, because clients can see I’m genuine to the core and enjoy the authenticity of their experience with Me. Patience has never been a quality of mine, I get what I want, right now.

How does you feel towards your submissives/slaves? 

Some of them I loathe and despise, and I tell them this very bluntly. I’m always very honest, but actually this usually enhances the session, they get off on my genuine revulsion and disgust at their very existence. Others I have formed genuine friendships and trust with, and the mutual respect makes for an amazing experience of self exploration on both sides. Some people I simply refuse to session with because I’m very picky with my clients nowadays, it’s not just about money for me, it’s about enjoying myself. If someone bores me, irritates the hell out of me, or simply isn’t the calibre of slave I demand, they will be kicked to the curb and blacklisted. I’m happy with the loyal following I have amassed, and although I give new slaves a chance, it’s never because I need to, it’s entirely my choice.

You offer a wide range of services, including adult baby/nappy fetish, medical role-play and trampling (full list here); have your services grown overtime as you’ve become more confident in the role? 

I like variety because it’s the spice of life. I would never be suited to a 9-5 office job, sitting in one place and doing the same menial task all day every day. I get bored easily. I say this without ego, but I am a highly intelligent and well educated woman, with an intense personality in all aspects, and an active mind which requires constant stimulation and distraction. When I started this role I went straight in at the deep end, no warm up. My first day of “training” felt as if I’d already been doing this job for a long as I’ve been alive, I took to it like a duck to water, it felt so good punishing slaves. I had absolutely no nervousness or hesitation. I live in extremes, in or out, hot or cold, no in-between or mediation.

Do you have any professional limits?

Absolutely. No sexual services, intimate contact or anything that breaches my moralistic and strict hygiene values. No disrespect of any kind. This earns a slave instant blocking, blacklisting and being ignored (it always amuses me when they try so hard to provoke a reaction and end up having a text conversation with themselves – no one could ever get a rise out of me, I say what I want when I want, to make a point, not out of irrational impulsivity).

Are you able to describe an average session (if that exists)?

An average session would consist of a slave telling me what they’re into, and establishing any hard limits or need for a safe word. I don’t always give this choice. After all I do hold the power entirely. They have to beg very nicely.

Most slaves just want to experience being forced into submission, whether this is through being forced to smell my feet straight from the gym, or tied and teased, or more extreme ventures. They want to experience that juxtaposition between feeling liberated (from the stress of their everyday life) and losing all control, being completely powerless and held captive by Me. They have no responsibilities or control in the time they are with Me, because I take it all.

I have a special way of getting inside a slave’s head and messing with it. For example, finding someone’s weaknesses and using it as a weapon in my vast armoury of techniques and skills. I have a way of making people want to impress me, to do or say things for my pleasure, to take whatever I dish out, and enjoy things they never thought they would or could.

Do you ever have fellow dommes visit you who want to switch their role? 

Very rarely but yes. I take pride in the fact that I can even domme a domme, such is my level of skill.

Do you have any measures in place to vet your clients/ensure safety precautions? 

I have an army of devoted slaves who I call my “loyals”, fellow dommes and workers in the same industry, as well as friends in the Private Investigation field and policing/legal field. I am trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and carry pepper spray even in session, so I pity the fool who ever tries to mess with me in any way. Additionally my dungeon and my city centre apartment have high security and are alarmed to the maximum.

I have been in dangerous situations and survived them all, earning me the endearing comparison to a cockroach from my best friends. “You could survive even a nuclear holocaust!” Of course a slave would never dare say this to me for fear of never seeing another day.

Has your role made you more open minded / less judgemental in life outside of the sex industry?

I don’t think so, I’ve been lucky to have already been open minded, and empathetic to people from all walks of life, prior to my journey as a dominatrix. But it has certainly been eye opening, it’s extremely different to lines of work I was pursuing before.

unnamedYou can find out more about Maya on her website here.

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