Sexhibition 2016

Sexhibition 2016

IMG_5010Last week a friend and I headed up to Manchester for our first trip to Sexhibition. I bought our tickets several months ago for the Saturday as well as to a Kinetic Kinbaku workshop and Blow His Mind with Master Dominic.

Unfortunately when I arrived and looked at the day’s schedule, the two workshops I had purchased tickets for clashed (I had previously tried to find out via the website and contacting Sexhibition with no joy to find out the times of these workshops, to ensure we arrived on time, I never considered they would be at the same time). This is my only complaint about the event. I think it’s relatively poor planning to hold two workshops at the same time when there was no pre warning that they would be at the same time. I’m sure I can’t be the only person this affected. It would put me off booking tickets for workshops in future unless the schedule was clear. I have emailed about this, but am awaiting a response.

That aside, the rest of the event was excellent. We arrived and decided to head over to the Main Stage to have a look what was going on. It was a fashion show by Koolies Kreations and the best possible start to the day. The fashion, lingerie and headdresses by Kyla the designer were all beautiful, but it was really refreshing to see her using real women in her show who were a range of sizes and looked amazing. We found her stall afterwards and had a lovely chat with her. I also bought a feather cape, because everyone needs one in their life right?

Koolies Kreations….

Koolies Kreations

We next headed off to see Imanni Love perform some erotic lesbian poetry in the Red Room.

The rest of the day we spent wandering amongst all the exhibitors. There was so much to look at and we wanted to take it all in before buying everything immediately. My friend also got a tattoo at the event (it’s a matching one with me and a couple of other girl friends, so it was a really nice time to get it done).

I bought a fair bit. My most exciting purchase has to be a latex pencil skirt and halter-top from Seven Sin. It’s being made to measure so I don’t have it just yet.
Other things I picked up included some cuffs from SubSpace Leathers. They’re so soft as they have a fluffy lining, but really sturdy. A couple of wax-play candles from The Bondage Man, a new vibrator and some body paint from Innocent Sex Toys. A spreader bar (been wanting one for so long, and it was only £20, so happy) and leather flogger from Love in Leather an Australian store. Finally, an “Anal Maniac” mug from Outlandish Creations, you need to have a look at these pieces, they’re so great. It was great to be introduced to so many new brands. When you Google sex toys etc it’s usually just the same few sites that come up, and the pieces these smaller businesses have are truly far superior (and a much greater range) to those on the mass market.

Some of the things I bought…. The incredibly stunning burlesque dancer Briar Rouge, shameless selfie, and Fluidproof sheets from Sheets of San Francisco


The Kinetic Kinbaku workshop was run by Jack Whipper (you can find him on Fetlife). In the class we were taught the unique Japanese art of rope bondage. Jack has his own take on this, with some knots of his own. It was a little harder than I thought, and I think a one on one class would be something I would like to explore as we only managed to cover two knots and one tie (photographed below) in the hour session. Watching Jack perform his skill was incredible though and you realise how evocative rope bondage is.

Honestly, we met some wonderful people throughout the day. Kyla from Koolies Kreations, Katie from Outlandish Creations and I’ve since been talking to Aimee from Kitty O’Hara Corsetry & Couture. All these women are incredibly talented and their brands and ethos are great. It was wonderful to go somewhere you didn’t feel in the slightest bit judged, and where all manner of people came together. Whether you’re a woman, man, straight, gay, lesbian, trans, fat, thin, disabled, young, old, it really felt like you could be whomever you wanted there and no one would bat an eyelid (which is how it should be everywhere of course, but sadly isn’t).

My friend borrowed my Vixen Curves harness bra, and I wore a sheer top for the first time in my life (not only sheer but also cropped), it’s £11 from ASOS and this high waisted scuba skirt from Dorothy Perkins, appears to be sold out online now. Bra is from Ashley Graham at Navabi.

Sexhibition 2

I’m going to go again next year, the intention being to go for the whole weekend so there is much more time to explore and take in the shows and exhibits as we were pretty overwhelmed trying to take it all in in one day.




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  1. October 7, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    You’re not the first person I’ve seen complain about the lack of communication from the event organisers. I saw that someone was peeved because the Stoya talk time had changed but the event never bothered to announce it. I really want a spreader bar but they’re SUPER expensive. Is your new one a decent build?

    • October 19, 2016 / 7:02 pm

      They have finally responded to my email about the clash of events saying I can have a refund, but that was a week ago and I’m still waiting….
      I haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty sturdy, I couldn’t believe the price of it. It has leather straps rather than metal ones, so you can move your ankles, but will still do the job. It was only the price that had stopped me from buying one sooner.

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