Fat vs Beauty

Fat vs Beauty

Why is it that when you say you’re fat, others (those who are uncomfortable with the word) are quick to tell you you’re not. Particularly if you’re on the cusp of a small fat like myself (apologies if that term offends anyone, I just mean in terms of fatness, I am absolutely categorically overweight and carry excess body fat, but am still deemed by “society” to be small enough to have some thin privilege in that I can shop in many main stream shops etc).

I posted a photo of me in my underwear recently online with the caption “I’m fat. Who cares.”

Some responses I had (notably just from men)

“Nah u are not fat”

“Too hot to be fat”

When did fat and beauty become mutually exclusive? As in my last post about My Body, I didn’t always love it, and I wouldn’t have thought it was beautiful. Though that’s not to say I (me, the person, Vanessa) wasn’t beautiful. Thankfully I’ve come to love my body, and unashamedly think it’s hot as hell. We need to stop this toxic message that is bred in society that fat = ugly and slim = beauty.

Being told I am not fat when I have made such a statement just irritates me. It’s like the speaker thinks I’m ignorant or stupid. I can see myself in a mirror, and I don’t need you to lie to me to make me feel good about myself. Thankfully I have more self worth than the need to cling to a belief that being thin makes me a ‘hot’ valuable person in this world. I understand some people are uncomfortable with the word, but for goodness sake, it’s a word. It’s become like Voldermort was in Harry Potter; fear of the word itself, just because you don’t say it, doesn’t mean my fat does not exist.

Are you fat? Yes. Are you beautiful? Yes.


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