Velvet skirt

Velvet skirt

I’ve become a little obsessed with online shopping (again) in recent weeks, but have moved on from my previous years of needing the latest launch in beauty to just wanting new clothes all the time. Sadly, I’m not made of money, so I’m tying hard to pick relatively affordable pieces.

I used to very much buy clothes simply because they fit me (thank you crappy plus size clothing options and self hatred), but thanks to the increased demand and voices asking for decent plus size clothes I have finally become interested and excited about what I put on my body. Not to mention a little braver in what I actual step out in.

Velvet is having a massive moment, and I’d no sooner seen this super bright skirt at Asos reduced to £9.50 as put it in my basket.



Top – £15.99 Zara

Skirt ASOS sold out, similar £35 up to size 22 from M&S

Boots – £29.99 Zara

The Poppy Collection – £15 M&S

A note about the boots; I absolutely love the heel on them adding a flash of glimmer, but fuck me, I have wide feet and these are uncomfortable as hell. Didn’t realise when trying them on and giving them a little pad around the house, but avoid them like the plague unless your feet are slender AF. I would not wear them to work again as I’m currently sporting several blisters. To add insult to my bloodied stumps, they have a zip up the rear which has also rubbed along my heel, so unless you really size up, they’re a big fat no (my trotters cannot be blamed for this). Thankfully they didn’t cost the earth.


I love the poppy brooches you can buy, I always lose or break paper poppies the very same day. I know you could just buy one and have it forever, but obviously spending £15 rather than 10p is a larger donation, but personally I want to get a new one each year.


Full Poppy Shop can be found at the Royal British Legion.


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