When should you sleep with a new partner?

Whenever the FUCK you want.

Over the years when I used to read women’s magazines, I recall many articles about how to ensure you don’t sleep with a man too soon (don’t be a slut), but don’t wait too long (don’t be a prude). I never paid much attention to them, as until a year ago, I had been in a relationship my whole adult life.

What gives anyone the right to tell another woman when she “should” consider it acceptable to sleep with a new partner? What I consider suits me, might not suit you, and that’s absolutely fine.

The only consideration you should give to it is what you want. You want to have sex, have sex. You want to wait, wait. Whatever your reasons, they don’t need explained to anyone. If anyone judges you or deems you a slut or a prude, then who gives a fuck? Life is too short to care. Slut shaming is NOT ok. Prude shaming (admittedly not as common) is NOT ok.

Your body, your rules.


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